Mojito 4.14.18

-Branden Kummer


Something that you’re going to have to get used to, is that most of the classic cocktails have at least two origin stories. Pick the one that sounds coolest, and tell it to your friends. This one whoever seems to be fairly straightforward. It’s ancestor was designed by one of history’s most well-known explorers. Today we look at the mojito. A Cuban drink dating back to around the 16th century and it’s ancestor El Draque. El Draque was named for Sir Francis Drake, an explorer who some say invented the “world’s first cocktail” around 1586 near Havana. Both are made with ingredients that are indigenous to the island: White Rum, lime juice, mint leaves, sugar and soda water.  The difference between El Draque and the classic mojito is the distribution of the ingredients, and the inclusion of soda water and simply syrup


6 Mint leaves

¾ oz simple syrup

¾ oz lime juice

1 ½ oz White rum

1 ½ oz soda water

Muddle the mint in a shaker, add the syrup, lime juice, rum and ice. Shake well and pour into a highball glass. Add club soda and add a mint sprig.


5 Mint leaves

1 lime

2 oz white rum

2 tsp sugar

Put mint leaves in a short glass and cut the lime into several pieces. I just cut the lime in half, then cut each half into three slices each. Put them in a glass as well. Muddle ingredients and add ice as well. Finish it off with rum. ENJOY!!

Jill Kummer